Saturday, January 19, 2008

Malaysia -the best destination in the world

Malaysia was voted the best tourist destination on the planet in 2 consecutive year.. it is based on survey conducted among about 50, 000 respondents from 49 countries by Global Traveller Magazine.

It is good to hear that. Hopefully, the recent strikes wouldn't affect tourist perception of Malaysia. Many countries trying very hard to position them as destination of choice. And we have achieve it.. but off-course without support from the whole nation, we can lose it at a blink.

I know we have lots to offer. But we still fail to capitalize our assets. I love to see if Perak's government could initiate the re-development of 1st railway track in Malaysia. Get it connected with the best Hutan Paya Bakau in the world.. Matang Mangroves. I think Emkay should already think of it, but too many things need to be done.. which definitely require lots of investment.
Gov actually has announced ( in 2003 if i'm not mistaken) on any company that interested in the project.. but i heard nothing after that.

I think that's the problem here.. we have assets, but lacking of strategic thinking.

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