Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nasi lemak and durian.. Malaysian favourite

LEE'S durian kat tepi jln ke tiara beach resort.. i think about 3 km before reach tiara if u're from pd (left road side). Aku n hubby tak nak amik durian ni coz it's too small.. n takut tak byk ulas dlm sebijik tu. but to our surprise mmg dpt byak ulas n taste sooo yummy! nyesal tak beli bebanyak.. we'll beli masa on the way back to kl last week.

durian berlonggok kat tepi jln..

Kat bawah ni gambar our activities for yesterday..
Pagi pegi pasar chow kit.. but before that lets fuel our tank first. So our first stop is gerai kat kg baru for breakfast ..

hubby tengah tunggu nasi lemak n cucur udang kat gerai di kg baru.

mee rebus aku

dah penat tunggu lama sangat.. hubby join aku kat table..tension aku amik gambar dia!

at last, we present you the nice full of frangrant nasi lemak..

Our breakfast.. mee rebus, nasi lemak and cucur udang! mana tak gemuk!

after beli barang kat pasar

hubby in front of our under contruction house at subang.. tengah buat drainage. maybe there will complete the fencing in aug and build road in Sept. klu ikut plan, shud be completed in sep and handover may takes 1-3 months. Just nice b4 my office moves to subang.

After that we headed to tesco shah alam.. did some shopping.. kena beli barang dapur byk though next week we off for bandung. Insya'allah my whole family will be coming next friday, the day i'll back from bandung. Saturday my cousin getting engage at Melaka.

Finish shopping dah about 3pm. Time for refuelling again! Our lunch kat Restoran Azira Seksyen 10 Shah Alam. They have 2 restaurants there.. the big one have more customers than the smaller one. Yg kecik tu jual Johor specialty like mee rebus, beriani, pelbagai lempeng n ada juga nasi campur. But the bigger one have more choice.. nasi campur pelbagai lauk, kuih n cucur udang n kuah kacang yg aku suka tu. Bubur manispun pelbagai, ada soto n lain2. But most of the time hubby n I go to the one selling Johor specialty. Hubby loves their nasi beriani.. so, since aku suka cucur udang n kuah kacang dorang tu.. biasanya aku tapau from kedai yg satu lagi n makan kat situ. Actually we can cross order, tp jarangnya kita cross order. Kami biasa goes to the smaller kedai coz tak ramai orang.

aku dengan background food kat tengah2 kedai..

hubby baru abis mkn beriani ayam..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

6 sigma and bandung trip

penatnya menaip.. semua hilang bila nak post!
Dah tak de mood nak taip..

xtually i just finished my 2nd coaching for my 6 sigma aka sickening project this morning. I spent the whole day and night yesterday preparing for today's presentation.. infact all those data collection and analysis were done much-much earlier..since last 2-3 weeks. Lega, i passed the test, but still need to add/change lil bit here n there before my 1st real presentation to the consultant and management. I hate presentation.. it makes me nervous, and i always like lost or blank but try to put everything under control. That's why today i chose to do mock presentation, so that i i'll get the real feel and know my tone and point to stress.

And tonight i'll start doing my preparation for trip to Bandung next week. This will be my 2nd trip.. and the 1st for hubby. I'll do budgeting and itenary so that everything will be planned properly.. hopefully!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chef wan

Tak boleh tidoq lagi.. i baru watched chef wan on tv2 .. program seafood odyssey. Alamak sekarang ni Serina pulak dlm "periuk Malaysia-belanga brunei". Anak dara dgn bapak sama naik. Anak bujangpun sama. Semua pukul habis cooking program. Elok le tu!

Back to Chef Wan. Aku mula kenal chef wan rasanya dlm 1988. Aku baca dia punya food travel journal + cooking recipe. Mmg best. Aku belajar buat pizza + roti dari Jelita. Bagus sbb kat situ aku tahu bila yeast tidor, yeast bangun n yeast mati.. tepung ada pelbagai jenis n kualiti. Aku still keep his recipe tu.

Pada aku chef wan guru yg bagus. Bukan setakat mengajar sekali tips & teknik, tp jugak share about food history.. food origin and variety of species sesuatu ingredient tu. Pada aku dia mmg teramat bagus n bertaraf dunia n layak deserve for international recognition. Walaupun org kata dia tu very the-very laser, celupar giler org kata.. and extremely fussy!

For me, nak jadi celebrity chef ni bukan setakat kena pandai masak n cakap je. He or she must be very good entertainer, know everything about food.. histrory, character etc.
For those who wanna know more about him.. just google chef wan. I found 198,000 links when I search him on google just now.
His programes currently shown on RTM2, TV3 (Rasa Ayamas), Channel 9 (repeated programme kut), AFC (from the garden to the kithen show on channel 703 astro). Itu yg aku jumpa le..

nak masuk gambar chef wan.. 3g connection aku slow giler!

photo taken from afc
This is what i found on AFC website.

A household name in Malaysia, Redzuawan bin Ismail, better known as Chef Wan, has been featured in various cooking programmes on television, delighting audiences with his wit and humour while demonstrating his cooking prowess.He has appeared on Malaysian television programmes, including his very own show, Chef Wan. Currently he is hosting Citarasa Sedunia Gas Petronas, a cooking travelogue and educational documentary series. He has also hosted shows in Singapore, Australia, Norway and the United States and appears regularly as a guest chef in many other countries.Chef Wan is an accountant by training but gave up the profession for his greater love, cooking. He earned an Associate Degree in Professional Chef Training and Hotel management from the California Culinary Academy, San Francisco, and a degree at the Ritz Hotel's Ritz Escoffier Ecole de Gastronomie Francaise, Paris.Today he is a visiting chef to cooking schools such as the Ritz Hotel's Ritz Escoffier Ecole de Gastronomie Francaise in Paris, the Cipriani Cooking School in Venice, and other culinary academies in London, Australia and Singapore.Chef Wan is also a food critic and writer for several magazines in Malaysia, has produced four successful cookery books and is a founding partner of Wan Creations Sdn. Bhd., a company marketing his Chef Wan range of cooking sauces and dips.Finally, as if he didn't have enough to do, Chef Wan is also an actor. He has acted in two successful films and has appeared in comedy theatre.

..and i Found this on UKTV food.

Chef Wan
Rock star, actor, comedian and food ambassador, Chef Wan really does have a finger in every pie.
Born in Singapore and christened Redzuawan bin Ismail, his family moved to Pahang after his father was assigned in the Malaysian air force. The eldest of seven other children, Chef Wan started his food career off at a young age, earning extra cash cooking for weddings at the army camp they were living in. The celebrity chef has served up for a few well known characters in his time, including the Sultan of Brunei and former U.S. President, Bill Clinton. A household name in Malaysia, Chef Wan has hosted cooking shows all round the world and published dozens of cookbooks.

family day kat tiara beach resort pd

19-20 July '08 -family day kat Tiara Beach Resort pd.
Ok jugak klu bawak family kat sini. Ada byk tempat bebudak boleh main. Bilikpun quite spacious.
Semlm after check-in - free n easy je. We'll lepak sat kat bilik, pukul 4 sth keluar ronda2 kat pool. Brahim pun buat family day kat sini. Aku tgk kat stage nama yg rasmikan family day dorang Ibrahim Ahmad Badawi. Dia ni adik-beradik Pak lah ke? Or aku yg ketinggalan tak tau?
Lepas snap2 gambar (almaklumlah kamera baru, D60 lagi! tp kualiti still tak ok sbb blm pandai), kami pi cari mkn.

Mula2 mkn mee goreng mamak kat tepi jln kat Telok Pelandok. Ini gambar kera kat depan gerai tu.. kena ikat dan dijadikan pet.. kesian kat dia.. tapi cute! Then hubby ckp nak pi mkn kat kedai Mee bandung muar.. nampak masa on d way to tiara. Hoa.. eating after eating! Spoil la body aku nih!!!

Order mee bandung muar.. for me ok saja, kuah manis sgt.
Hubby digging into the mee bandung..

...Dgn kerang bakar kat bawah ni. Yg ni best sbb sos dia lain dari biasa. Ada 2.. satu mcm cili kicap yg makan dgn gorang pisang (which commonly found at johor).. but yg nih lagi ok. Satu lagi sos cili, yg aku rasa dorang buat sendiri.. mmg sedap.

Ada karaoke lagi!

Hubby dgn kamera..berangan nak beli lens baru.. yg boleh fokus baik lagi!

Kat telok pelandok. Tengok je le org fishing ye! aku suruh bawak pancing tak nak. Ckp tak de spot nak pancing le, sekali bila dah nampak org pancing, baru nak nyesal!

Hubby paksa aku pakai kasut nih.. mmg tak basah klu kena air (infact mmg kena redah air masa nak ke telok pelandok tu!), tp melecet jugak kaki aku. maybe sbb jarang pakai kut. Macam mana nak pakai masa ke bandung next week ni?

Then malam ada dinner with performance and lucky draw. Hadiah boleh tahan jugak, walau tak best mcm annual dinner.. tp this time i'm not so lucky, satu hadiah pun tak de!

Hubby ber'iya' potong lamb without pisau. Tomato soup mmg best. Tapi yg lain boleh tahan ler..

I just want to comment about performance semlm. Maybe b'coz family day, artis just so-so. Pak Mahadi n jalut.. for me he is great for his age, n bagus jugak jemput dia .. at least ada ruang utk veteran performer kat corporate event.

Lepas tu Dafi.. yg ni betul2 best sbb mmg ramai bebudak yg suka. Penuh kat depan stage ni dgn dorang termasuk yg umur 3-4 tahun.

Lepas tu Anis Anisah.. suara dia ok. Cuma tak fofular ler.. so ramai yg tak kenal. Bila dia nyanyi lagu goyang inul, baru aku ingat yg last week aku ada ternampak dia kat tv. RTM klu tak silap.

Aku rasa we shud invite artist betul2 blh masuk dgn bebudak.. sbb basically budak2 yg ramai n ber'iya duduk depan stage.

Paling buat spoil MC dia.. Richie Rachman. Walaupun dia ni senior editor cum dj.. tp pada aku dia blm cukup bagus for MC job. Especially for majlis korporat, walaupun tak formal tp nama VIP jgn le salah sebut. MD aku dia sebut Pn Noorishah (or aku n kengkawan salah dengar ke).. then sebut jawatan dia GM pulak tu.. . jauhnya turun pangkat MD aku tu. Lagi teruk dia kasi title Datin kat MD! Then panggil GM corporate comm Khalijah or Khatijah..nama dia Khalilah le bro. Lepas tu boleh tanya husband dia yg mana satu.. husband dia dah lama meninggal ler! Kata close friend dgn Kelly. Ada byk lagi yg dia buat silap. Macam tak buat preparation. Aku rasa lepas ni chances company aku nak panggil ko balik very slim ler bro.

Kak SD, if you're reading this, please tell him to improve. Tak kisah le utk event kat mana pun. Klu tak mesti top management tak suka. Hubby pun cakap dia pernah MC for event close friend hubby. Berterabur.. tak well prepared. Ada VIP jugak tu.

But anyway, thanx to Karangkraf for sponsoring 2 magazines.. MIDI n DARA utk goodie bag kitaorang. BEST!

Aku suka Adibah Noor. She's very professional walaupun tak informal. Very spontaneous and have sharp eyes and mind too. Menyanyipun mmg power. Aku rasa lagi ok panggil dia.. berkali2 pun tak jemu. .. n dia pun friendly dgn bebudak. Company kitaorang mmg dah byk kali panggil dia jadi MC + performer.

I'll load more dinner photos, nak load sekarang connection quite bad. 3g signal almost tak de... sekarang ngantuk sesangat. Semlm tidoq lambat. Pagi tadi tak blh sambung tidoq lepas subuh sbb pi breakfast dulu. Food counter close at 8.30. So klu tidoq sure terbabasnye..

Lots of eating happened lately.. need to control food intake lar!
More pics added

Bilik kitaorang ..F-1-9

ZA dgn 2 anak daranya.. sori ye aku masuk gambar ngko..

Persembahan kebudayaan (L) and food presentation from Tiara Beach Resort (R)

Pak Mahadi n jalut..

Bro Richie n Dafi

DAFI on stage..

'bodyguard' cilik reramai ikut DAFI


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