Thursday, July 24, 2008

6 sigma and bandung trip

penatnya menaip.. semua hilang bila nak post!
Dah tak de mood nak taip..

xtually i just finished my 2nd coaching for my 6 sigma aka sickening project this morning. I spent the whole day and night yesterday preparing for today's presentation.. infact all those data collection and analysis were done much-much earlier..since last 2-3 weeks. Lega, i passed the test, but still need to add/change lil bit here n there before my 1st real presentation to the consultant and management. I hate presentation.. it makes me nervous, and i always like lost or blank but try to put everything under control. That's why today i chose to do mock presentation, so that i i'll get the real feel and know my tone and point to stress.

And tonight i'll start doing my preparation for trip to Bandung next week. This will be my 2nd trip.. and the 1st for hubby. I'll do budgeting and itenary so that everything will be planned properly.. hopefully!

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