Friday, December 19, 2008

Jalan2 Makan2 @ Splendid- Jusco AU2 Setiawangsa

I wanted to upload photos taken during our jln2 mkn2 trip to newly opened JUSCO at Setiawangsa tonight, but unfortunately after a few attempts I still fail to upload. I'm not sure is it due to my bad 3G connection or problem with blogger server.

BTW, we had our dinner at Splendid cake & cafe. Their concept is similar to Secret Recipe, but for me Secret Recipe is much better than them... SC choice of menu and their cakes selection are much-much better than Splendid. Infact in term of value-for-money, SC is still the winner. Splendid sell their cakes for RM7.50/ slice while SC is only at RM6.30-6.50 and their cakes are more yummy and the slice are bigger than Splendid. We've tried fish & chip and black pepper chicken... and it is quite frustrating. The serving size is rather small .. even Chop & Steak in Kg Baru having bigger serving ( and even taste better!).

So.. definitely this is our 1st & last visit to Splendid..


Zue Murphy said...

It is always frustrating to spent so much money at a restaurant and the food are terrible.good thatyou will not go back there.

dhill said...

mmg rasa membazir mkn kat situ..
BTW, currently i'm watching the akad nikah ceremony of MAWI-Ekin on Astro oasis.. seronok tengok adat kahwin org johor. Ada balas pantun.. lps nikah ada penyerahan anak kpd menantu.. mesti touching giler


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