Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dhill's cooking: custard pudding & mee goreng mamak

Ini menu kitaorang masa berbuka tadi.. simple custard pudding (spontaneous idea!) and mee goreng mamak..
For hubby.. plain custard pudding
Mine.. with splashes of chocolate
Hubby's favourite mee goreng mamak..

My mee goreng is very simple.. infact for today the ingredients is very basic. I'm using only mee, taugeh, tauhu, udang n telur. The bahan tumis is the secret magic ingredients. Hubby got it from his friend who is selling mee goreng... and with some invention I made.. plus my cooking skills (opps!), this wonderful mee goreng mamak is created.

Klu sesapa nak resipi ni, please leave ur comment here... Insya'allah, I'll post it later for u.

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