Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kita kat atas .. atleast sampai 10 Feb 2009.

My 1st ever posting on our footbal team. This is our 1st year in Super League.. our target is to finish at top 4.. and after 4 games.. we are on top!!

Go!Go! Road warriors!!!

There are people who disagree with our investment in the football team. I've different view. The money we spent is worth what we get. The exposure we received is much2 better compared to spending on tv commerial or newspaper ads.. and even at cheaper cost. More than that, we actually help those ambitious youngsters to pursue their football carrier. Ada le peluang kerja.. klu tak terkial2 nak join state team.. yg bila kalah je selalu tak mampu bayar gaji dorang. Tu blm kira conflict dalaman dorang lagi. Sambil tu kita jugak memastikan bola Malaysia terus rancak and will inspire more youngsters to involve with footbal.. and make people to appreciate local football more. Hopefully..

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