Thursday, January 01, 2009

Lets Welcome Mya to the family

Hubby & I found her 3 days ago (Tuesday, 30th Dec 2009) while at the shop buying fish for Ben. Nampak dia menggigil kelaparan, kotor & sgt kurus! Maybe she just separated from her mother.. so small. Kesian sgt, so we decided to take her home. My initial planned was just bagi dia makan, mandi and biar dia besar sikit.. then lepaskan balik. Tp hubby pulak nak amik bela terus. So, i told hubby lets see how she blend with Ben.. then only we decide..
Soo comel!

It's seems like it will takes quite sometimes for Ben to get familiar with the existence of other kitty.. Tak boleh dekat, asyik ler nak attack Mya. Letak Mya dlm cage pun Ben akan tawaf tak berhenti & cuba cakar Mya. Nak amik gambar ni pun, I have to hold both Ben & Mya and let Ben bite my finger .. or else he will bite Mya!
Since Mya joining our family, Ben kurang makan.. and dia muntah.. at least yg kita sedar 3 kali.. hubby decided nak bawak Ben to see vet klu hari ni pun dia still tak ok.
Why Mya?
Only this morning we decided on her name..not sure what name we shud give.. there are 3 names to choose .. Mya.. Zara (obviously come from TV3 tele-novella Mya Zara) and Suki. We chose Mya.. and maybe this is only the temporary name.. until we found other name yg lagi best and suit her!

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